The creative efforts of JD Isaacs and those he admires

'Ganymede… Dreams of the Water Bearer'  graphite on barrier paper, 20”x16” JD Isaacs

“Moonbeam Stream” graphite drawing by JD Isaacs, tumblr RainRider


“Moonbeam Stream” graphite drawing by JD Isaacs, tumblr RainRider

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Portrait of a former Marine and Iraq veteran.  Life-sized graphite drawing of a favorite subject of mine.  He’s genuinely as beautiful on the inside as on the surface. He’s now a competitive weight-lifter and intuitive personal trainer.  artist, JD Isaacs,
My favorite 80’s pouty, gay porn star Tim Kramer was the inspiration for this entwined character waking in dawning light for a series; ‘Glory of the Morning’ JD Isaacs, graphite and prismacolor 11”x14”

"Winter Dreams"  JD Isaacs, 37"x14",  loosely titled from Tchaikovsky’s Symphony #1

Constructed piece by piece from strips of polymer clay over a background of recycled materials as part of the ‘Reclamation’ series. http://jdisaacs.tumblr.com/

There’s always something new to find along my garden path…
Thighs that could crush stone with an ass as sweet as honey… (one of my models for the ‘Out of Dark Waters’ series of drawings)
'Rocky'…. My dad was a dental assistant on a Navy Tender Ship during WWII. I hear he was quite the lover, party-er, fun-loving guy.  I wish I had known him then.  Happy Father's Day, Dad.

'pssst. monsieur.  you need a bodyguard?'

'You coming, senore'?